What to Expect

“Sienna’s work is powerful: direct, accessible, personalized and transformative…” Victoria W. Colfax, Ca

Typical clients have a basic understanding of New Age and Metaphysical philosophies.   They know about the Laws of Attraction. They have often meditated for years, possibly followed a guru, seen a therapist or taken workshops. They are often either stuck or don’t know were to go next and are open to a more pragmatic approach.

In your first session, we identify your conscious and unconscious feelings and beliefs. We look at how they are showing up in your life. We then give it all a new perspective. The first session is two hours long (sorry, no exceptions).

Subsequent sessions, if you choose to schedule one, can run as long or as short as necessary. You have the option to see me privately again and/or attend a class.

Classes are scheduled as requested. Classes offer the opportunity to ask questions about how to implement the theories I’m offering. You are not required to divulge personal experiences.

I am not a therapist. I do not offer therapy treatment for mental or emotional challenges. If you are taking psychotherapeutic medication, the work I offer is inappropriate for you. If you are in therapy, your therapist must give written permission for you to work with me.

Tree represents essence; barbed wire represents life experiences

We have the natural ability to adapt to all that life offers