A New Approach

“Sienna’s work is a breath of fresh air. What revolutionary concepts she brings! Her sessions are powerful and profound. As a result of working with her, I’ve experienced greater integrity, awareness and awakening. I’m better able to work with hidden aspects of myself that were negatively affecting my life.”

Lisa Schrader, Author and Professional Coach

“Working with Sienna Gold was an uncommon experience for me. I have participated in many different spiritual techniques and modalities over the past 15 years and was actually caught off guard by the impact of Sienna’s work. At first I was out of sorts and felt on the verge of a breakdown. What I realized after I had integrated the work is that it was a complete breakthrough, not breakdown. … I found a much deeper level of inner peace and self love. I highly recommend Sienna’s work for anyone who is ready to move beyond the inner struggle and bring consciousness to the whole of their being.

Much love,”

Lynne   (California)

“After one meeting with Sienna, I knew she had a NEW and much deeper approach to reading and understanding exactly who I was and how I was feeling than anybody I had ever gone to before.  She has taught me things about myself that I had buried for years – yet was continuing to live out in my daily life.  Her techniques have shown me how to put these things to “rest” and has given me a much happier, contented “present”.  She is truly wonderful and I highly recommend her…”

Karen Frederick (California)

“Working with Sienna is truly a unique experience. Over dinner I casually asked an innocent question about something within myself and off she flew into mirroring and translating what was so clear to her while I noticed I kept saying ‘yes, but…’.  

I have always prided myself on how much ‘inner work and discovery’ I have done over the years.  As Sienna kept spiraling into a theme that I never considered significant, she showed me how many of my actions, patterns or beliefs were actually me blocking myself from seeing this piece which I was embarrassed to accept, much less own — and now, with time, love.  

Georgia Dow, Restorative Healing Arts and Counseling.