Break Through

“I feel so much more clear about all those voices that comprise me.  Now I don’t judge or try to invalidate them.  This continues to be a break through for me.    

Participating in our first group gathering was another enlightener.  I have experienced  the depth of introspection that empathy can provoke.   

Thank you for your special talents and heart.”  

 Jeannie T (California)

“I have done some very deep and meaningful work with Sienna Gold.  After the death of my sister, I developed a severe rash which was diagnosed as eczema.   It was all over my body and it caused me to lose much sleep as well as itching intensely.  It also generated intense heat during a very hot summer.  In short, I was miserable.  I knew that it was caused by my sister’s illness and subsequent death but I simply could not get to the source of it in my emotional body.

A good friend recommended that I call Sienna for a session with her and so I did.  I have worked with healers and people with extraordinary intuitive gifts many times before so I know from personal experience that gifted healers do exist and that they are able to connect with one’s emotional body and get to the source of many afflictions, both psychological and physical.

Sienna is a no nonsense person and she went right to work on me.  In one session, she was able to help me release some very old anger at my sister which was rooted in even older anger at my mother.  I thought that anger was gone but my sister’s illness and death made it re-surface again.  I am a therapist so I know that anger is frequently a cover-up for deep grief.  Sure enough, Sienna got to my grief level and I must have sobbed for an hour.  I felt exhausted but washed clean.  I went home and, to my amazement, my eczema began to clear up almost immediately.  Within a couple of weeks, it was gone.  I am absolutely certain that this healing was a result of Sienna’s extraordinary healing ability.

As the weeks went by, I could feel the disappearance of anger in my body that had lived there for a very long time.  This deep angst that had always felt like a constant undercurrent in my soul had completely disappeared and in its place was space, or simply nothing — it’s hard to find the right word, but it was a deep relief to no longer feel the angry edge I was used to feeling.

As a psychotherapist, I know that it is my primary responsibility to create a safe container for the patients with whom I work.  Sienna is just such a container.  She is kind but direct, honest, straightforward, capable and very intelligent, and extremely gifted.  Her compassion and empathy allow her to create a deep emotional connection with others. 

I would recommend Sienna to others and, in fact, I have referred many friends and clients to her.  To say I am grateful to Sienna is an understatement.  I was suffering greatly and her work with me not only took away my physical suffering but it also brought me the peace of mind that I was longing for.  Sienna is a remarkable healer and I trust her completely.”

 Susanna Dimmitt, M.A