Therapists and Other Practitioners

“Sienna is the real deal. I do a weekly radio show on KVMR 89.5 FM Nevada City, CA. The show has been on for 24 years. I have had only three psychics on the air in all those years who I have invited back for a second show. Sienna has been on 5 times and I get asked every day when she will be back.

She doesn’t like being called psychic and likes the word “empath” better. I don’t care what you call it, her abilities are over the top. She gets into a person and feels around for the little voices which are unheard, but are in fact driving the bus. She does this with lightning speed (as demonstrated by her radio mini readings.)  In a longer personal reading she spells it out with drawings and advice to take home.

I give her two thumbs up, a big smile, and an invitation to be on the radio show every week if she wants to.”

Haines Ely M.D.

“I am a Shamanic Astrologer with a full-time astrology practice in Sedona, Arizona, a place that is recognized as home to very knowledgeable, highly esteemed spiritual and metaphysical practitioners of all persuasions. 

In addition, because of the work I do, I meet other counselors, healers, etc., all over the world.  So when I seek counseling / assistance for my journey I have quite a large group of very capable people to choose from.  Out of all of these powerful people I am blessed to know, there are only two or three I rely on, only two or three I trust with my Life.  Sienna is one of them. 

Sienna has a truly remarkable gift, a perfectly natural ability to pierce right through the veil of the many illusions that surround and plague us.  I don’t know how she does it, I just know she does.  I call her a “psychic surgeon”; she cuts right through to the root of the dis-ease, to the source(s) of the turmoil or torment, then offers real, clear, powerful opportunities to heal the wound, not put on a band-aid.  Yet the insight Sienna provides requires that the client do some work, and that’s where her considerable skills as a communicator are so very valuable, she is highly adept at using and molding language so that her client receives clear understandings. 

As an astrologer I know Sienna possesses all the skills, talents and abilities required to serve humanity in the way she does.  She is a carrier and purveyor of The Power of Truth.”

Sao, Shamanic Astrology (Sedona, AZ)

“From the moment I met Sienna, I knew there was something extraordinary about her.  As a fellow intuitive reader, there are few people I have experienced a genuine connection with, when seeking intuitive guidance or a different perspective on a situation.  She gets straight to the heart of the matter, while keeping the big picture in mind.

Sienna is the type of reader that will provide you with answers to your specific questions, and answers to questions you never would have thought to ask. She pulls from your depths, and the result will be a calmer surface.”  

Marin Graves Psychic (Nevada City,  CA)

“Sienna is the person to see when you’re ready to look at another fascinating and/or perplexing facet of your psyche.  Her sensitivity is impacted by your unfelt feelings or parts of yourself which are obscured or hidden from your own awareness.  She registers these hidden treasures and reflects them back in a gentle and clear way, making it safe  to consider new information.  

In my mind she is not a psychic but rather an ’empath’ – someone who empathizes with your condition or situation and feels your feelings for you so that you can see them, sometimes for the first time.  I have referred clients to her who have reached an impasse in therapy or who are so cut off from their feelings that they might benefit from another approach.  Sienna is certainly that.”

Joan Goddard M.S., MFT  (Grass Valley, CA)


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