Being Real

“Sienna pulled me in like metal to a magnet.  My first exposure to her was on the radio where her insights into people rang with such truth, and she was so refreshingly REAL.  I just knew that I could benefit from her gift. 

Her ability to see some of my internal workings has boosted me into a different frame of awareness, where I can let my feelings teach me about what is going on inside me and how that plays out in my life. 

After just one session with her I felt that I had a tool to start working with to help myself just be me.  It’s been fascinating, difficult at times, and yet inspiring to realize that it’s truly o.k. to be me.  One class with her, and a group of great folks, helped me dig deeper. 

This journey with her is powerful, and did I say REAL?!!  Ahhh, so nice to just be real…”

Lisa Bonny-Berry (Grass Valley, CA)

“My time with Sienna has given me deep insight into myself in an objective way…I feel more in touch with Reality.  Sienna is very talented, has a warm heart and a loving, accepting approach!”

Jennifer Crebbin (Nevada City, CA)