Life Shift

“After suffering the loss of my wife, I found myself in the midst of a very profound life change that really caught me off guard.  I was bubbling inside with emotion and self-doubt that was more intense than I had ever consciously experienced in my life.  I knew I needed to talk with someone about this but I did not have anyone close with whom I felt comfortable sharing these very private feelings.  I wanted someone I could trust and someone who was not part of my circle of friends and family, someone with experience and a true intuitive gift to see clearly into the cause of my unsettled state.

I watched a video of Sienna online and felt that she was someone I should see.  She was as warm a person as you could imagine.  She was able to tune into and identify issues that had been with me for years but that had not been acknowledged by me consciously.  Just being aware of these issues gave me great relief and immediately made me feel easier.  It took some months to get through it all.  The emotions have greatly subsided due to the knowledge and awareness of my issues, she skillfully provided.  Her followup sessions were extremely valuable and I am very grateful to Sienna for her insight and patience with me.  She was just the right person with the right skills to help me through this transition in my life.  Her compassion is genuine and her frankness is refreshing.”

J.B. (Sacramento, CA)

“My session with Sienna was extraordinary.  I had my list of 10 questions to ask, but she answered them before I had a chance.  She knew details of my relationships with people as well as how people close to me are doing in their lives. 

She gave me tools to use for better understanding and information about issues that I can use for my personal growth.  I use one of these tools every day and have passed the information on to 2 members in my family to use.  Her reading has brought a calmness and understanding to my life that I really needed. 

I will definitely be back to see her again.”

Nisanda Albaugh (Nevada City, CA)

“I am a 38 year old professional and after feeling stuck for many months, decided to seek help from Sienna.  

As soon as I met with Sienna, I was put at ease by her kind, open manner.  She made me feel immediately comfortable.  I was amazed when she did not hesitate to give a genuine account of my childhood issues, then moved on to seeing my current situation.  I just sat and listened to her accuracy with awe.  

Next, she illustrated to me all parts of my identity, good and bad, and how I go about adjusting my relationship with all parts of myself.  Because I have implemented Sienna’s practices into my everyday life (yes, after one session), my anxiety has almost vanished.  She taught me how to be comfortable in my own skin, no matter what the situation.

I hope this helps you, so you can continue to help other people,” 

Amy Clute (California)

“My experience with Sienna Gold has had a tremendous effect on the way I now live my life.  Her empathic abilities were both captivating and amazingly accurate.  I have studied a lot of the New Age teachings and have found them to be impractical to my personal needs.  Sienna’s teachings, however, are personal and have left me feeling self-assured, empowered, and satisfied with who I am”.

Diahanna McCracken (Colfax, CA)

“Sienna Gold’s magic is her direct, incisive and intuitive insight.  She is able to embody one’s emotional experience, and perceive the obstructions or “shadow” elements that are manifesting in one’s life. 
Sienna has developed a powerful mapping system as a tool for recognizing emotional areas.  
On a personal level, I have been able to tap into patterns of behavior and emotional blocks that have been sabotaging my life.  Her system of getting in touch with buried programming and emotions has been a powerful tool for helping me to be back in the driver’s seat of my life.   Her insight is both miraculous and life-changing.  Sienna is an unparalleled and gifted “seer”.

Jen Foxley California