“I first encountered Sienna Gold when I heard she was a gifted psychic who had recently arrived in our community.  I thought she might make an interesting guest on my weekly TV interview show. 

I called and asked to meet with her.  We spent a few hours getting to know one another and, after that meeting, I asked to have a reading with her.  Readings are not something I ever do.  We spent a few hours in a reading and I was impressed with her insight, depth, clarity and problem-solving approach.  I found Sienna to be truly skilled. 

 I arranged for a TV show interview.  The challenge was to find people who were willing to be exposed on TV to the process of Sienna’s ‘getting them.’  We found two volunteers.  During the live show, we saw how quickly Sienna went to personal issues that were so revealing that guests backed away and Sienna, respecting their needs for privacy, did not pursue these concerns any further.  Private sessions were agreed upon.

Sienna’s concern for the personal well-being of others and the possibilities of growth and change in the world are clear.  She is devoted to helping improve our lives and she is an individual who needs to have a greater impact on the world.  She has a vision and I support where she is going.  I hope others will also.”  

Lew Sitzer  (Nevada City, CA)

“Sienna has a real gift for bringing more awareness to the world. Awareness of how you have become unaware of certain parts of yourself and how they are unknowingly distracting you from your real potential.

She works from a pure energetic place, uncovering the unbalanced parts of yourself to work in harmony. She works as a harmonizer, helping others find their own faith in the universal “creative” force and to go be closer to God/Creator/Great Mystery.”

Rick Berry  (California)

“Sienna’s work is powerful: direct, accessible, personalized and transformative. She skillfully identifies ways that our emotional thought and behavior patterns create repeating cycles in our lives and offers an opportunity for us to make significant shifts and positive changes in our lives.”

Victoria  (Colfax, CA)